Our Mission

To search the planet for the highest quality foods to help you reconnect with nature.


As a health adviser, I have a bias towards reconnecting with nature to promote your body to rebalance and heal.
Biochemical individuality, digestive process, levels of stress, environmental exposures, diet and lifestyle - These are some of the main issues on the table, in our modern day world, that challenge us.
I will work with you to create a plan of action to bring you back to optimum wellness.
Do you have food allergies and sensitivities?
Are you properly hydrated?
Do you get good quality sleep?
Are you eating toxic foods?
Are you digesting and assimilating the foods you are eating?
How do these affect your gut flora (which is where your T lymph cells lie along the intestinal wall)?
Do you have inflammation causing oxidative stress?
Do you have a balanced fatty acid profile?
Does your body have the ability to regulate properly?
Do you have adaptive capacity?
Do you have proper PHs for proper metabolic function?
Do you have a healthy microbiome?
These are some of the many fundamental questions that we need to answer. Let me partner with you on your journey to optimum health - contact us.



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