Fulvic Acid

In spite of our best efforts to eat a healthy diet, most Americans are nutrient deficient, because the foods that are made available are lacking in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our bodies require for optimum health.  Industrial chemical fertilizers and pesticides kill soil organisms that play a vital role in the mineral and nutrient uptake in plants.  Humic minerals and Fulvic acid are made by these soil microbes and are intermediary catalytst between the rock minerals in the soil and the uptake of ionic cell ready minerals in the plant.  In other words, one of Humic and Fulvic’s many jobs, is to convert the soil minerals into a food form ionic minerals that the plant can use, and carry them into all the cells of the plant. Thus, when we eat the plants, or ingest the Fulvic acid and Humic minerals, we get the same benefits as a healthy plant – The Fulvic acid is the carrier of the Humic minerals and delivers them into our cells.
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