Matyah’s Raw Coconut Oil

What separates the quality of any coconut oil is the process.  “Extra Virgin” is a term taken from the olive oil industry and transferred to coconut oil, where it has no meaning.  Coconut oil producers have no standards in place to distinguish the different processes and qualities from one another. However, there is one process developed by a food chemist that stands apart from all others.  This scientist figured out that in the first stage of material preparation, in order to create a RAW unheated product, she would first have to convert the meat to a milk, to avoid drying the coconut meat with heat.  This would allow her to skip the second stage of “cold pressing” the oil out of the meat and go directly to the final stage of mechanical separation..  Here, using a series of centrifuges, she could separate the insoluble proteins from the oil and the moisture – leaving the highest quality unheated, RAW, creamy, and amazing coconut oil.  This final product is organic and an additional benefit of using a non-heat process, is that it preserves and doesn’t denature the natural constituents in the coconut.
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