Oliflix Raw Olive Oil



University of California at Davis tested many of the olive oils made available to consumers in the state of California and found that most of them were not what the label claimed them to be. Many were blended with cheaper oils in order to maximize profits at the expense of quality.
In our quest to find the finest specialty products, we found Oliflix Olive Oil from Spain. Antonio still makes his oil from organic Arbequina olives, the same way his ancestors did 300 years ago. Granite stone ground using the stream water pressure to turn the wheel – a more natural and less cost effective process, you will not find. The paste is then gravity filtered to insure a “true cold pressed” olive oil.
Another important marker of quality in olive oils, is the polyphenol count. The higher the better because among the many health benefits, these powerful antioxidants lower oxidative stress, improve cholesterol profiles and support a healthy cardiovascular system.
Because Oliflix olives come from trees that are 300-500 years old, the polyphenol count is nearly 10 times higher than commercial olive oils.
Thus, this labor intensive process guarantees the highest quality – retaining all of the natural constituents in this amazing olive oil.

Bravo Antonio for retaining the quality and integrity of your products !!!