Are your probiotics alive and living?  Shouldn’t the healthy bacteria that we introduce into our bodies be thriving with life?  Did you know that most probiotics once removed from their cultured medium, which is their food, they start to die off?  By the time you process the healthy bacteria into a product, ship it, stock it, and finally place it on the shelves, your typical probiotic will be mostly dead.  So how can we ingest healthy living pro-life bacteria?  The answer is simple – start by eating fermented foods, like sauerkraut and cultured vegetables.  In addition, add a fermented probiotic to your regimen.
Regulat is a liquid whole food preparation made with organic fruits, nuts and vegetables, produced by Live Cascade Fermentation(TM).  This living foods probiotic is enzyme rich – helps to improve the environment of the gut and supports a healthy immune system.  By improving the intestinal mileu the regulatory systems can thrive so that you can enjoy good health.  What is our symbiotic connection to nature?  It’s the healthy bacteria!!!
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